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With a brief to create a social network that is based on providing recipes that are both easy to produce, as well as tasty and digestible led me to the name 'Bitesize'

The purpose of the app being for any user to log in through their mobile phone or tablet, to access any recipe that has been provided by any user and themselves spread across a range of cuisines.

" would be great if someone could create the facebook of cooking and baking...

...a social media platform purely for food."


Alex Forbes,
keen baker and chef

of people read newsletters in
there mailbox


"I read articles on the train to work and when me or my work colleagues find anything useful we share it with one another..."


Suraj Jhienga

of people read articles during there work commute


of participants have had a bad experience with recruiters




After researching the idea and establishing the complexity. I decided to focus my attention on some of the visuals based on 4 user interviews.

The feedback relayed the brand name and visual identity to be key with the need to provide a clean and modern style of iconography and initial colour scheme. This would help any customer to understand the purpose of this app.

In following of the logo, the basic features and pages were said to also be key. This app provides a page of recipes, a profile to save any favoured dish with a live chat to message with friends.

The concept was then developed to provide basic functionality, mid fidelity mock ups and wireframes.



The following areas were identified as key design elements to focus on, from the original brief:



Ensuring that it is easy to use (everything must be accessible post a couple of clicks).



Has to represent the existing bran, whilst remaining modern & precise (page length).

Ability to Share


Must be easy to share an article that the user finds interesting.

Inbox Newsletter


Making sure that it is easy to locate and sign up to the newsletter.



During the creative process, 7 individuals tested the design resulting in 3 divergent rounds of prototyping.

The first round of testing, altered the functionality of the initial navigation menu through low fidelity sketches.

The second in mid fidelity, tested the overall usability of the product i.e. font size. The final round was in high fidelity, to test the entire website.

The final designs are to illustrate a clean yet bold, first phase approach - in keeping with the brands initial guidelines.

This could be developed further through features such as; profiles, bookmarks & author bio's.



An overall consensus proved the accessibility and professionalism of the website.

As per the quote below, users found that the website had the interest to teach and provide the learning content for both design and technology. There is also the added benefit of a list of all relevant job roles. The new trialed plan has began to verify the website to be a long term success for Pixel Pond, as a recruitment agency.

"...I feel this site is looking after me, then looking after my future...'s less intrusive"


Rory Skinner